The Walls Have Ears: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Don’t Anything

Emma still hasn’t done the exercises that her counselor gave her.  She just got back to the dorm when she remembered that she had to meet with said counselor in 2 hours.  “Phew. That’s plenty of time!” she thought as she rifled through her school bag.  She is so engrossed in trying to find that stupid “Interesting Industries” worksheet… Read More


When Reese’s Met Peanut Butter: What a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a Soda Can do for Writer’s Block (and the Maintenance​ of a Friendship)

As Leigh sat in her writing class, all she could think about was how amazing last night was- and maybe how (or if) she could ever repeat it.  The teacher was droning on about some old, dead writer who was (probably) from some other country.  In her fog, he sounded a little bit like the teacher from… Read More

A Little Thoughtfulness Can go A Long Way: How Notes can Help Build a Friendship

After a few (2 to be exact) more days of “Career Week,” and lots more bonding.  The girls found out that they both like the same genre of movies- rom-coms; although, they had different favorites.  Emma’s was “Two Weeks Notice,” which garnered an unadulterated “You like that?” “How? Why?” from Leigh upon being mentioned. Meanwhile, Leigh’s was… Read More

Sometimes the start of friendship is likened to the blooming of a flower. Other times, it can be referred to as being fast. Here’s how Emma and Leigh’s friendship started.


For the record: I started writing the first draft of all 10 of the conversations that gave me the idea for this blog for fun. That’s it. I wasn’t thinking about anything else. Just how much I enjoyed writing them. But then, as with most things, I stopped and looked at how many of them… Read More