A Little Thoughtfulness Can go A Long Way: How Notes can Help Build a Friendship

After a few (2 to be exact) more days of “Career Week,” and lots more bonding.  The girls found out that they both like the same genre of movies- rom-coms; although, they had different favorites.  Emma's was “Two Weeks Notice,” which garnered an unadulterated “You like that?” “How? Why?” from Leigh upon being mentioned. Meanwhile, Leigh's was “Sweet Home Alabama,” which Emma retorted to with a slightly exaggerated eye roll and a “ugh, that movie is so mushy, gushy, and cutesy.” “You mean sappy,” Leigh retaliates.

Later that night, as Emma awake in bed her thoughts stay on rom-coms.  She thumbs through the ones she knows in her head trying to find one that has a suitable quote that she can leave for Leigh later in the week.  She already knows which one she is giving tomorrow.

Leigh smiles and looks over at Emma- still asleep- upon reading this note.

As they made their way to dinner that night- not the dining hall again, because, let's face it, how could anyone eat that food every day- Leigh tries to make conversation with a guy who is walking towards them.  Emma winces slightly and covers her eyes with her hands.  “Nice hat!” Leigh remarks. The guy stops to check a text and then looks up; a little confused as to who had spoken to him. “Do you think they can repeat?' Leigh asks with a smile.  He looks over Leigh's shoulder, sees a “friend,” and pushes past her.

Emma uncovers her eyes and goes to comfort Leigh, who is standing a little dumbfounded still in the same spot. Leigh looks around and then behind her, only to see that no one is there and collects herself before turning to Emma. “At least you tried,” Emma states.  “Yeah, look what good that did,” Leigh replies.  “Um, uh,” “Yeah, what.” “What made you think that you could talk baseball (“it is baseball, isn't it”) with him?” Emma asks.  “Oh, that's right; I haven't told you this yet.” Leigh answers. “Told me what?” Emma questions.  “I'm a huge sports fan. My favorite sport is baseball, and my favorite team is the Mets.” “Oh, cool.” Later, over dessert, Emma asks “So, what made you think that guy would listen to you talk about sports if the Red Sox aren't even your favorite team?” “I'm a baseball fan too, you know,” Leigh replies. Emma laughs and retorts “So, I heard.” Leigh looks around and then back at Emma, realizing she still hasn't answered the question. “I don't know; it's always been something of an inroad I have with guys. I can do something that most girls can't.  It's easy for me to talk about it. I feel comfortable when I am.” “Interesting.” Emma looks around and sees the food court emptying and asks “what do you say we get out of here?” Leigh nods and starts to get up, tripping over the leg of the chair and almost falling as she does, which causes both girls to burst out laughing.

On their way back to the dorm, the girls struggle to keep pace with each other.  Emma spends most of the walk “in the lead” and has to wait for Leigh at the security desk so they can show their ID badges to the guard.  Once in their room, they look at each other, then at the remote before diving on Emma's bed for it.  Leigh gets it and immediately hits the “guide” button. As she searches, Emma's mind returns to their dinner conversation.

“You're not looking for a baseball game, are you?” She asks cautiously.  Leigh pauses and replies “no I'm not, why?” “Oh, no reason it's just that we talked about how much you love it over dinner.” “Cool, so what are you looking for, then?” Emma asks.  “I thought there might be a good movie on.” “And, by a good movie, you mean a rom-com?” Emma asks as a smile starts to form. “Yeah, that's what I was thinking.”  She pauses just long enough for Emma to open her mouth (which she shuts when she sees Leigh wants to continue).  “Is that okay?”  “Yeah, it's great! how about that one!” Emma almost yells, excitedly pointing towards the T.V.”  “Which one?” Leigh asks as she stops scrolling. “That one!” Emma says again, pointing in the general direction of the T.V. “132, 132.” Leigh turns to face Emma, gives her a confused look, and hands her the remote.

When Leigh comes back from the library-no one told her that this week would be so much work- she found a note on her desk that read:

Leigh laughs as she recalls the previous night, flips the paper over, and writes:

When Emma comes back, Leigh can hear her giggle a little while reading the note.

That night at dinner, Emma makes a statement that Leigh never thought she would hear- especially from another girl. “Let's watch baseball tonight.” “Um, sure, uh, okay,” Leigh replies. For some reason (this doesn't ever happen) Emma is caught off guard by the response. “I mean, we don't have to. I just thought, since you like it and all, that we could try it.” Leigh gets up and heads towards the door. “You coming, the game starts in- she checks her watch- 8 minutes. If we hurry, we can make it back in time for the first pitch!”

That night, for the first time, Leigh sat with one of her girlfriends and watched baseball. Emma caught her looking in her direction a few times before asking “is everything okay.” Leigh answered, “yeah it's great.” “Good.” Emma pauses and continues “just one question.” “Shoot.” “Why do you keep watching me watch the game?” “It's just… this is the first time that one of my friends- you know the ones that are girls, ever wanted to watch sports with me. Usually, I have to skip over it when we are looking for things to watch, not admitting that I like and especially not that I want to watch it more than anything else.”

“And…?” “And I'm enjoying it. And also dreading the moment it will end.” Emma gets up off her bed and sits down next to Leigh wrapping her arms around her in a big hug and whispering “we can do it as often as you want, just let me know. And thank you for saying that thing you said earlier. You're mine too.”

Leigh awoke the next morning to find Emma gone- which was confusing and unusual- and this note on her desk:

Leigh felt her heart swell and tears lodge in her throat.

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